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Applied Learning

Applied learning is emphasized throughout the year with individual and team assignments. This means students have the opportunity to immediately apply what they learn at their business.

Instead of teaching standard courses or classes on traditional business disciplines, professors address real-world problems from multiple perspectives and focus on common challenges that executives share across all industries and countries.

During each residency period, participants:

  • Learn how to evaluate company finances at practice within their industry
  • Directly engage with corporations and governments through field visits;
  • Visit operating facilities to study supply chain issues;
  • Learn the cultural nuances and social, political and business realities of key world regions;
  • Gain experience on conducting business overseas from international experts.

Organizational Action Project

During their Organizational Action Project (OAP) EMBA participants complete a project around an issue of major importance to their organization. Each student designs their own project and works in concert with the company’s leadership team. They also work with a faculty advisor who provides mentorship and assesses deliverables throughout the program year.

Similar to a thesis, the project is graded independently of all other assignments, and our students’ average $6.5 million in return to their companies through OAPs.

Example OAP